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    • Single, Couple & Life Exit Memberships
    • Exit Qualitative Barbiturate Test Kit
    • Nembutal Liquid Sampler Test Kit
    • Max Bromson Barbiturate Test Kit
    • BOOK: Damned If I Do Autobiography of Philip Nitschke (with Peter Corris)
    • BOOK: I Wish that Wishing Made it So (Angelique Flowers)
    • BOOK: Killing Me Softly (Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart)
    • BOOK: Just Because (translated by Mia Campioni)
    • DVD: 35 Letters Documentary DVD by Janine Hosking
    • DVD: Mademoiselle & the Doctor by Janine Hosking
    • Workshop Registrations
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To order any flow control or pressure gauge the following apply:

      • Date of birth must be entered in the special instructions field
      • Purchasers must be aged 50 years or over & of sound mind or seriously ill. No PO Boxes accepted
      • Failure to comply with these conditions will mean the order is not processed.